Hi, my name is

Judyta Borkowska

I am a web developer from Reading, working hard to craft stunning web experiences.

Judyta Borkowska

Why Digital Design?

Ever since I was a child, I've had this mysterious drive towards both science and art. Some people settle down and follow one path or another, for curious me - this was more of a reason to keep searching. It started simple, when at the age of 8 I wrote my first 'book'. It wasn't the best of my creations and probably much less interesting than I remember (rest assured, I have improved since then!). This is my earliest memory of extreme satisfaction after putting your mind to use and turning it into something interesting and unique.

Since then, my aspirations, as most people's, changed at least a hundred times. Although my path altered, at each step, subconsciously, I was pursuing this amazing feeling, which after many years lead me here. To a place where I can be both a scientist and an artist.

To a place, where sky is the limit.