About me

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As a junior Web Developer I was given a precious opportunity to explore various areas of web development. Although I enjoy all aspects of it, I am most fond of moving up the stack and becoming a full time Front End Developer. I believe this is a role where my skills would be able to evolve, granting me an unmeasurable feeling of accomplishment.

But this is just a title. In a long term I am aspiring to become more than Digital Designer. I want to inspire and share my knowledge with others, make digital world a better place for everyone.

And learn some cool stuff while I’m at it.

Sep 2016 – May 2017

Southampton Solent University

BSc Web Design and Development

Modules: Web Application Development, Animation for the Web, Human Computer Interaction, Web Design for Industry, Project. I have achieved a 2.1 degree classification.

Sep 2013 – May 2015

University Centre at Blackpool and The Fylde College

Level 5 Foundation Diploma in Interactive Media Development

Modules: Website Design and Development, 2D Graphics, Developinge Xtensible Data, Creating Multimedia Content, Scripting for the Web, Academic and Digital Literacy, Content Management Systems, Dynamic Web Development (Procedural), Dynamic Web Development (Object-Oriented), Developing Motion Content, Digital Media Marketing, Work Based and Placement Learning

Although my current work experience focuses on front end development, I am looking to move up the stack. I am practicing design skills in my free time, if you would like to see more, check out Latest News.

Sep 2017 – Present

The Looking Glass Design

Junior Web Developer

I am involved in various projects, from AngularJS applications, WordPress sites, corporate and product sites, email campaigns and more. Being around multiple teams, I am attempting to bridge the gap between our designers, front and back end developers. While enjoying all aspects of web development, I am readily providing assistance to my colleagues in all of the above areas.

Once upon a time…

…there was a small countryside village, hidden among beautiful hills and bountiful forests of Poland. That’s where I come from. I was a quiet child with busy mind.

I have always appreciated wonders of nature and enjoyed daydreaming. On a hot summer day I would climb an apple tree in my orchard and gaze upon the most beautiful canvas stretching beyond the horizon. I presume this deeply rooted love for nature is the reason for my fondness of art and design.

Living in the countryside however, comes with a lot of hard work and responsibility – two important values that were embedded in me since I was young.

As time proved, as much as I loved it, peaceful and simple life was not for me. More than anything I wished to discover mysteries of the world and I set out on a mission to find something that would satisfy my hungry mind. Among other areas, I have delved into the secrets of nano-engineering and physics of materials, which then led me to discovery of computer science. It served me well, as a tool to resolve most complicated mathematical issues. Seeking answers has become my second nature. The deeper I dived into mysteries of science, the more I appreciated the beauty of nature and meticulousness of data. It has become my greatest aspiration to create designs that would inherit the best of both worlds: art and science.

As the years passed, I have found myself in the shoes of a Web Developer, where I can finally unleash my artistic and scientific skills!

In my free time I indulge myself in a good scientific publication or play with new dev/design tools. Although I am more of a listener, I volunteer as an alumni speaker for Solent University (booking my first talk in October this year, yay!). It’s always great fun to share!