Busy times due to team changes

24th April 2018 General

I am currently facing more responsibility as my supervising front end developer decided to further his career at a different company. This puts me in a position where I am the only front end developer on the team and have taken over all of the web development projects. Although I am sure to face some difficulties, I am incredibly excited at the prospect of being in charge of my own, independent projects.

Unfortunately this change will require to put on hold some of the activities I have undertaken, such as Daily UI challenges, as I will be possibly working overtime to meet deadlines. Until another front end team member joins our ranks I am expected to take responsibility of a mid-weight developer. I will have a full support of design and back end development teams, which will ensure that my work is always supervised and I will continue to deliver high quality products.

I am looking forward to contributing my skills to the company. This opportunity will surely provide me with a large number of skills and experience I would only be able to obtain as a mid-weight developer and, hopefully, I will be able to expand my portfolio!

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