New portfolio site up and running!

13th April 2018 General


This is a celebration post. Yay me!

I have managed to finalise this project and it has been a great fun and learning experience. I have developed my own WP theme from scratch, using Underscores, which was a nice challenge as I have only been using boilerplate themes before.

I tried out Inuitcss OOCSS framework and it made my life so much easier in a long run. I have managed to keep all my styles organised and had no trouble picking up work where I left it after longer breaks. I also managed to set up Gulp to help me with compiling SASS, regardless of the expanding project scale. This was a huge step forwards in site maintenance and project workflow.

Also, I had a chance to try out Bootstrap 4, which is nice. I have had a bit of a conflict with BS3 nav walker I’ve been using for WordPress as BS4 version was not released yet. However I managed to dig into the code and resolve it.

Another thing, I had a good practice of design and branding. This was a totally new experience as so far I have been working to a strict brief and guidelines. I presume there is a lot of things I could have done better but there comes a time when you have to put your foot down and say “Yep, that’s it.”, otherwise I would be stuck in the not-good-enough loop!

Overall, this project was an amazing challenge to combine skills I have attained in the last 8 month of my employment as a Junior Web Dev and gave me a small boost of confidence in both design and development area.

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