Stack and portfolio

A collection of skills and projects I worked with


I have worked on web projects using both custom layout and front end frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation. For email campaigns I have used both inline CSS with nested table structure and managed to successfuly implement Foundation for Emails 2 framework within my current company. I have had and experience with Sass preprocessor, using Koala and Gulp. I have a broad understanding of good practices, browser support and performance issues related to all of the above.


I feel comfortable developing WordPress sites using both boilerplate themes and custom templates. As a part of my learning curve I have completed an advanced theme development WordPress course on Treehouse and eagerly tackle all WordPress related tasks. By trial and error I adapted a workflow with Git, Gulp and OOCSS structure, which helped me to reduce development time, keep my projects tidy and well documented.


I am friends with Adobe package since 2007. Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects are my three top picks. At current role, I have been introduced to Sketch and InVision and have been learning those since the start of my employment. I am using Axure RP 8 as my prototyping tool of choice. I enjoy illustration and art as a passtime, making a good use of Wacom Bamboo tablet, stockpiled painting supplies and polymer clay, whenever possible.


I have experience with native object-oriented JavaScript and used jQuery for most of the projects. I have used multiple front end libraries but also were able to create custom, lightweight solutions to issues encountered during development. I have completed Angular basics course, which gave me an understanding of project structure and concepts. I am looking forward to expanding my JS skills in terms of user interactions and front end development.


My final year project was a prototype of an application, which used object-oriented PHP. It was an exciting opportunity to learn the principles and foundations of object-oriented programming, which proved to be an invaluable asset in my current role. My knowledge expands as I am working with PHP sites and applications on a daily basis. Being tasked with migrating legacy sites to PHP 7 servers resulted in a useful skill gap closure and significant improvement to my debugging skills.

Source control, dependency management and workflow

I have used Git version control with Bitbucket to handle all projects. I have used Gulp for task automation, Composer for dependency management and Vagrant for maintaining development environment.