Review of two months as a Front End developer

23rd June 2018 General

Review of two months as a Front End developer

Ever since my supervising developer decided to further his career two months ago, responsibilities of in-house FE developer fell to me – a Junior Web Developer. I have been with the company for 10 months and only two months in this particular role, however it was enough to boost my personal growth and provide me with brand new perspective on web development.

Having to utilise my full skill set was highly beneficial to my personal development and gave me confidence to work with products at any development stage. The most satisfying part of this experience was having to fill the skill gaps. I thoroughly enjoy learning and was given a rare opportunity to satiate my hunger for knowledge. I have gained and honed a range of soft skills, such as organisation and timekeeping skills, team work and better communication of requirements. One of the most important skills I have gained, in my opinion, was the ability to take initiative and make informed design decisions without step-by-step guidance.

Even thought I have put on hold my spare time activities due to the amount of work, I have been learning how to become a better developer every step of the way. I have become consistent with my code formatting and project structure. As a result of research and hard work, I have proposed a new site development workflow for the company, which is currently being refined. I see this as an important milestone and significant personal achievement. Being under a pressure of workload and deadlines, I have still managed to involve myself in the improvements.

As a summary, last two month were challenging but extremely productive. I had an unmissable opportunity to improve as a web developer and widen my expertise, which allowed me to make a change and participate in improving development workflow.

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