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14th April 2018 New Skills


Skill updates

WordPress and Git workflow

So far I have worked with repositories storing a whole WordPress site, including all installation files, which is a terrible practice. Today I managed to successfully set up a new WordPress project on Digital Ocean server. This was a part of a new workflow I have been implementing as one of my OKRs, with project’s Git repository storing only essential theme files and WordPress installed on the server via SSH. It was surprisingly easy to achieve and definitely will help to keep repositories clean as per DRY principle.

SVG clip path

I have been working on an interesting project using masks for background images. I have used pseudo elements to position images and apply an SVG mask. Since shape of the mask was complex I have used clip-path with a custom mask created in Adobe Illustrator. As I was browsing through various solutions to optimise browser compatibility, I have stumbled upon an interesting CodePen applying mask with double exposure, which I am hoping to implement in my future projects.

See the Pen Double exposure by Mikael Ainalem (@ainalem) on CodePen.

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